Thursday, September 17, 2009

Classics: DS9 1:1 – Emissary – Response

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I largely agree with my fellow contributor’s assessment, so my own comments will be brief:

I didn’t find anything wrong with Alexander Siddig’s performance in this episode. I believe he was deliberately written and directed to be just that insufferable – up until his character was called upon to do his job, that is. And I believe this speaks to the original reviewer’s observation that the series was, from the very start, populated with three-dimensional characters. You want to smack Bashir upside the head for his unconsciously privileged, imperial foot-in-mouth-atosis (not to mention his drooling over Dax) – but he’s also a supremely competent medical officer who’s a consummate professional in a crisis. You boggle at Sisko’s irrational hatred of Picard (surely every Starfleet officer is aware that Picard was not in control at Wolf 359) – but you’re also very impressed by how quickly Sisko reads the situation on DS9 and adapts accordingly, his persuading Quark to stay and his willingness to clear out debris on the Promenade when Kira mocks Starfleet’s aforementioned privilege being two stand-out examples of his insight. And Kira – her flaws are obvious, but she’s also given a chance to display that scrappy sort of determination that turns out to be her ultimate strength.

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  1. I would just throw a little rebuttal in the Bashir debate and say that while his character was indeed supposed to be a spoiled, insensitive little twerp (and a great medical officer), I think he overreached a bit on several occasions, particularly with his frontier medicine speech and the big "YES!"...I know that was scripted but I found some of his reactions jarring...maybe they intended it that way. :) I think the basic comments regarding the acting stand...a little rocky in spots but the talent is visible.