Sunday, February 27, 2011

NEW!: V (2009) 2:7 - Birth Pangs

Overall: 7.5

This is a transitional episode for the most part, although there are a few great scenes between the queen V's. Plus, the writers reveal more about Anna's Plan, which is always good.

Plot Synopsis: has a recap here.

The Skinny:

So -- as it turns out, I wasn't quite right about Anna's Plan. They do need our DNA, but not simply to survive. Apparently, the V's have been harvesting DNA all over the galaxy in order to engineer a master race of V's. That's a more obvious Nazi parallel, but I think it still works. And my supposition that Anna and her allies mean to discard us when they're done continues to make sense.

Meanwhile, it's looking more and more likely that the humans will win this conflict the moment they conclusively join forces with Lisa and Diana. I still wish Lisa weren't in love with That Douche TylerTM, but I have to admit that her bond with the brat is leading her down some interesting avenues. I mean, come on -- she hits her mother hard enough to draw blood. That's pretty awesome. But I do worry what's going to become of Lisa now. Obviously, Anna failed to kill Lisa in retaliation only because, as of yet, there's no back-up plan. If Anna successfully hatches and rears that other queen egg, Lisa may be forced to kill her sister as well as her mother to make it out alive.

I don't have much else to say about this episode, I'm afraid. It is nice to see Erica take charge of the Fifth Column and announce her intention to fight smarter, but I have to see more of the story before I make any judgments as to the quality of Erica's leadership. Also, a quick side note: Hobbes and Jack sharing a room is rather cute. As others have observed, that's quite the odd couple. I especially liked Hobbes' looking askance at Jack's crucifix. What? Does it make you feel guilty? Good!

Writing: 7.5

The writers are finally satisfying the viewers' curiosity regarding Anna's true intentions, which is always a good thing. I can't say this script blows it out of the water, though. As I said, it's more of a transitional story.

Acting: 8.0

Vandervoort may be tall, blond, and smoking hot, but she's also a good actress.

Message: 7.0

Not much goes on here thematically, but I'm going to award the episode an extra point for clarifying the extent of Anna's evil. She's experimented on pregnant human mothers and their babies without their consent, she's tortured the Live Aboards to extract their DNA, and she even treats her own daughter like just another chess piece in her grand schemes. I think the final nail has at last been hammered into the "Anna is of peace!" coffin.

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