Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pardon the Interruption: House 7:12 - You Must Remember This

Overall: 6.3

After last week's impressive episode, this one's a bit of a disappointment.

Plot Synopsis: has a summary here.

The Skinny:

I don't have much to say on this one, I'm afraid. The Patient of the Week's unwillingness to forgive her sister was vaguely interesting, and a few lines did elicit chuckles. On the whole, though, this episode seemed to lack a moral compass. As a teacher, I can only shake my head at Taub's choice to buy the answers for his pathology boards. And while House's concern for Wilson's well-being is commendable, his methods seem a bit like putting a small patch on a gaping wound. As SABR Matt remarked in a recent email, meaningless sex with a hottie is simply not going to solve Wilson's fundamental problem, i.e. his long-standing co-dependency issues. In reality, I think Wilson needs to be alone for a while; until he fixes himself, he just can't have a healthy relationship with a woman.

And by the way, I was also distracted by the fear that House would do something untoward to Sarah, like letting her run off. I guess you can put me down as a woman who wouldn't mind my date's cat. Indeed, if I were to put myself back on the market, I'd probably list "cat lover" as one of my non-negotiable requirements. LOL!

Writing: 6.5

This is a very average script which makes both Wilson and Taub look excessively pathetic.

Acting: 7.5

The performances were reasonably solid, though.

Message: 5.0

I can't grade this episode too harshly on the message, as it does have some nice things to say about the importance of letting things go. Still, I can't approve of either the cheating or the acceptance of our damaging hook-up culture. Surely you guys can do better than that.

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