Saturday, March 19, 2011

Classics: SG1 5:6 - Rite of Passage

Overall Rating: 5.0

What would be a rather sweet episode involving a mother's love for her adopted daughter and an old Goa'uld nemesis is ruined by spectacular stupidity at the end.

Plot Synopsis:

The full details can be found here courtesy of the Stargate Wiki.

The Skinny:

So...I wanted to like this episode. About half way through it, I was thinking "well this is going to be interesting. We have a Goa'uld on the loose mucking up humans to try to create the perfect host (and apparently, she's close, considering what Cassandra can do as she begins changing). We have her newly adopted mother all fired up and getting into a nice confrontation with Nirti (including eventually pulling a gun on her when she refuses to help). We have a cute buddy teen romance (about which Cassandra is embarrassed...LOL). But...oh, what the ending says about Heather Ash (writer) and her sense of military ethics (and morality)'s a little frightening. It all falls apart when, after Cassandra's been cured, we get to witness Nirti gloating to the SGC that she's going to start mucking around in our genes again somewhere else and we're foolish for letting her go...and we...still...let her go.

I'm really trying hard to figure out exactly what the moral value of that decision is. Is a deal a deal, even with Satan? Is it more moral to keep your promise and let thousands or millions more suffer as a result...or is it more moral to double-cross a known evil and keep her behind bars forever whilst our intelligence agents ply her for information that might be used to further our fight against the bad guys? Um...I (and everyone who actually serves in the military would back me up here) vote for option B. Sorry, but the SGC probably killed hundreds of people with this call...after all, the next time we see Nirti , she's totally screwing up a whole planet full of people with a "plague" that she "cures" by mucking with their DNA. Yep...that was a nice call, dumbasses.

Writing: 6.0

The script goes from a solid 7.5 for humor and pathos (in an ordinary plot) to a 6.0 with the illogical conclusion.

Acting: 6.5

Colleen Rennison (Cassie) and Jacqueline Smaouda (Nirti) were pretty weak, I'm sorry to say. Teryl Rothery was her usual awesome self to counter-balance, but on the whole, this one feels a little purple from the performance perspective.

Message: 3.5

Honesty over logic = FAIL.

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