Sunday, March 6, 2011

NEW!: V (2009) 2:8 - Uneasy Lies the Head

Overall: 6.8

Erica went for the wrong man. Also, the resistance is made of FAIL.

Plot Synopsis: has a summary here.

The Skinny:

Regarding the "made of FAIL" bit: I understand that they were in a rush, but the Fifth Column's plan to taint the Live Aboard DNA was definitely not a success despite all of Erica's rationalizations to the contrary. All they managed to do was inform Anna that the resistance has been reborn under a different leader -- and no, the supposed PR victory doesn't quite balance out the fact that Anna will now be on her guard. When Anna thought she had obliterated the Fifth Column, Erica at least had a fighting chance to catch her by suprise. No more.

This is exactly why Erica needs someone like Jack around. True, Jack's fervent demand that no human ever be harmed by their resistance activities is naive - with the number of human collaborators around, some collateral damage is inevitable - but the fact that he is making that demand will keep Erica moderate and grounded. Jack's presence will encourage Erica to, at the very least, avoid needless risks and minimize the human casualties, and that is always a good thing.

And that brings me to what is, for most fans, the most important element of this episode: the 'shipping. Count me as a conditional member of the Erica/Jack camp for the reason I noted above. (And I say "conditional" because I want Jack to retain his Catholic identity.) Everyone looooves Hobbes because he's the classic bad boy, but personally, I was disappointed that Erica and Hobbes got down and dirty (so to speak). Hobbes will only encourage Erica to indulge in her worst impulses (as evidenced by the aforementioned mindless sex). And did I mention that Hobbes is a betraying betrayer who betrays? Awesome, Erica. You really know how to pick a winner.

Writing: 7.0

The plot is decent, but I docked a bit for the cliched Hollywood sex.

Acting: 7.5

The performances are solid for the most part, but not quite on par with last week's.

Message: 6.0

I'm not going to be too punitive with the score here because I like Jack's serving as the conscience of the group. Still, the fact that Erica jumped into a sexual relationship with Hobbes mere weeks after losing her ex-husband (thanks in part to Hobbes) feels really dumb to me. See above.

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  1. Glad I stopped watching.

    No offense to those who still are keeping up with this show, but it sounds like the writers have not one damned clue what they want to say with their art...every episode sends a new conflicting/contradictory/confusing message and every week, the show seems more lost and less pointed.