Friday, April 1, 2011

Classics: SG1 5:8 - The Tomb

Overall Rating: 5.5

Can I stay in this tomb, please? It'd probably be more interesting than watching this episode again to review it.

Plot Synopsis:

The captivating story can be found at the Stargate Wiki.

The Skinny:

You know...part of the reason I watch science fiction is to examine the human condition in a new and creative escape from the mundane, often depressing, realities of this world in which we live. This is probably why every time Stargate focuses exclusively on Earth politics (with some minor sci-fi twist), I get bored. Well...that and the political stories are a bit formulaic. They don't do enough to turn things over and shake up the crowd. Not that I want them to sully the good names of our heroes the way that BSG writers tended to do a little too often, but it would be nice if the civilian agencies sometimes did heroic things, learned from mistakes, had good ideas that the SGC team members missed etc...and it would be nice if every other country on Earth wasn't always evil when pitted against the US. And this is coming to you from someone who believes in American exceptionalism and thinks a lot of spoiled Americans would do well to realize how much better things are here than abroad.

From the instant we meet the Russian team with whom we will be working, we know that their objective is not going to be honorable and we know that most of them will probably die as a result except the good looking girl who seems the most reasonable, of course. From the moment we step into the Ziggorat, we know the tomb will have a Goa'uld in it and the Eye of Tiamat will be a red herring. Frankly, I just don't see the point of this episode...if we know who the bad guys are before the plot really kicks off...why show it? To prove that Jack is right to mistrust the Russians? We already know that...Russia has hardly earned our trust and respect militarily or politically in the real world. You're not enlightening the human condition in a new and creative way. You're just boring me!

Writing: 4.0

Formulaic plot, staggeringly slow pace, deeply uninteresting's not insulting or's just pointless and dull.

Acting: 6.5

Most of the Russians (except for Jennifer Halley who plays Tolinev) are way over the top...the rest are just phoning this one in, it seems. No HORRID performances from the regulars...just nothing that attracts my attention.

Message: 6.0

This tells us nothing new and makes no real point, as far as I can tell.

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