Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NEW!: SGU 2:16 - The Hunt

Overall Rating: 6.3

There are a smattering of nice moments throughout this episode, but I have to say...I don't understand the sudden turn in Greer's character arc and the hunt plot felt a bit overcooked.

Plot Synopsis:

An outstanding report can be found at the Stargate Wki.

The Skinny:

There are several minor threads in this episode, a few of which are either humorous and heartwarming or otherwise enjoyable, and a couple which seem...odd. A week ago, Greer, was saying that it was better he be having the post-operative infection than Volker since he was strong and would beat it. This week, he suddenly has a case of the yips because he had a weird experience while recovering from anesthesia. BTW, even if you have the yips, you generally don't stand motionless in front of a charging reptile with huge teeth. Generally, you either turn and run (not advised, but not uncommon), or fire wildly at it. Oh, you might freeze for a second, but not as long as Greer does at the start of this episode. I did enjoy what Lt. James said t Greer about death and the afterlife, though, so that plot is redeemed somewhat.

We also have a mishmosh of other interesting plots...Volker is hot for one of the science chicks and she seems to be warm to him as well, but he's caught in the friend zone (and unfortunately, Rush says some rather insensitive things that make the sting when he sees her with a soldier obviously flirting all the greater. On the plus side for Rush, he seems to have taken seriously his role as scientific leader and mentor and uses his control over the ship to teach Eli and Brody a lesson in safe research practices they won't soon forget. That whole plot was genuinely hilarious. We also have TJ growing into a much stronger person through all of her hardships and getting the green young scientist through their ordeal with the lizard people...a nice touch, I must say. We've finally resolved the incursion plot line with Varro now fully integrated into the crew and the rest of his men dead or left on other planets to make lives for themselves. Varro and TJ even appeared to be forging a relationship, which could provide for some interesting sparks later. These things are all mashed together haphazardly, leaving a rather chaotic and confused feel to the plot.

This was clearly a transition piece, and that's fine...but the main plot has been done in various ways many times and feels burned to a crisp and I was mildly annoyed at the vegan dufous making the erroneous claim that animals don't know hatred (only fear and hunger). Many mammalian species - including lowly ones like ferrets and mice - have been known to hold grudges against people who were mean to them in the past. Apes go to war with each other over mates (lust, BTW, is neither fear nor hunger, dumbass). And one could argue that the vast majority of hatred held by humans comes from fear, lust or hunger (in the form of demand for resources)...it's the same set of mechanisms in the animal kingdom. Why do I hear the same misguided speech so often about animals being somehow more pure than humans simply because their emotions are simpler and their minds less ration.

Writing: 6.5

Nice touches and a good mix of vignettes keep the writing score higher than it would normally be for such a disorganized script.

Acting: 7.0

Jamil Walker-Smith does a good job with his illogical (but somehow...still effective) scenes. Alaina Huffman does a VERY nice job as well. Mike Dopud (Varro) offsets those plusses, though, as a big minus...never was impressed with him, to be honest.

Message: 5.5

Minor ding for the whole "no, you're not allowed to eat a dear you barbaric carnivores, even though we've been eating twigs and nuts for over a year now could really use some protein, cuz I think my philosophy is better than yours!" scene. Damage limited by the huge BBQ they threw at the end. :)

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