Sunday, May 8, 2011

Classics: SG1 5:14 - 48 Hours

Overall Rating: 7.0

Daniel turning into more diplomat than archaeologist is certainly entertaining to watch, but this show is most famous for introducing Dr. Rodney McKay (who we love despite hating...LOL) and David Hewlett to the world of Stargate.

Plot Synopsis:

Find the full outline at the Stargate Wiki.

The Skinny:

McKay is awesome. McKay is hilarious. We wish the gate writers had created other big-egoed scientists to compete with Carter and put them on display more often, but geeks duking it out over who has the longest intellectual penis are always hilarious to the sci-fi nerds watching the show. OK...I'm done gushing about McKay until we get to Season 8 and the launch of Stargate Atlantis (which we will also begin reviewing at the appropriate time). What's also awesome is that Carter is never interested in McKay romantically despite his stereotypical Hollywood social-savant flirting and their notable similarities. I think McKay would have wound up ticking me off, rather than being a favorite of mine if he'd blown up Carter's chances at being a strong female character with some cheesy fanboy wet dream love sequence. :)

As for the rest of this episode...we know Teal'c isn't going to suddenly jeopardy can be found here. Just more blah blah blah from the NID and from Russia...and some amusing diplomatic moments between Daniel and Chekov. Oh...and Teal;c is also awesome...for walking out of his own near-death experience smiling because "I had my revenge on Tanith." Yep...that's Teal'c for ya (LOL). Beyond that...this is not a very interesting episode, sadly. They never did a good job explain what the NID thought it might gain from capturing and keeping a Goa'uld hostage, and as Maybourne now works on the outside, the repartee between he and Jack has gotten a bit stale. They resurrect it in two later episodes that put a fitting end to Maybourne's character arc, but this is easily the most boring episode in which he's been involved.

Writing: 6.5

Bonus half-point for creating the character for Rodney McKay. Otherwise...average script with an average score.

Acting: 8.5

This episode does feature a very strong guest cast. David Hewlett (McKay) and Amanda Tapping worked well together as did Michael Shanks and Gary Chalk (Chekov) did RDA and Tom McBeath (Maybourne). Adrian Conrad was not at all convincing the first time and he's still not. But one beef in an otherwise good episode is a near-feature score.

Message: 6.0

Not really seeing much of a message to make note of other than the constant message in Gate cannon that trust in the military works only if people make every effort to hold to the notion that we don't leave our people behind.

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