Saturday, August 6, 2011

Classics: BtVS 5:15 - I Was Made to Love You

Overall Rating: 7.2

Bonus points for being incredibly creepy...slight demerit for being EVIL and busting out an EVIL cliff-hanger tag. :)

Plot Synopsis:

Guy meets girls. Girls think guy is creepy - reject guy. Guy makes robot. Robot is at least as creepy as guy. The full details can be found at

The Skinny:

This episode works better than it should have, to be honest...and I think the reason it works is the acting. Because the script is largely boring and the action has sort of been done before in this franchise, let alone in other genre franchises. This is DEFINITELY a filler episode...but it is just skin-crawlingly uncomfortable enough to keep your attention.

Writing: 5.5

Didn't they do this one before? Yes...yes they did! They had a creepy robot story. This is a little different, but...not enough to matter. The way they use the robot is definitely different - this time it's Buffy's fear that she's unlovable that gets the central focus rather than her fear of her biological father being replaced. But I can't be too optimistic about the writing specifically because...well...the script just wasn't that good.

Acting: 8.0

On the other hand, Shonda Farr actually did a credible job with her robotic challenge, as compared to the robot Ted. As well, we got some good work from James Marsters and SMG. wasn't a BAD episode, after all. It was sufficiently creepy to keep my attention.

Message: 8.0

Hard to argue with the basic point here...that someone who's having trouble in the dating world would be well advised to take a step back and work on being comfortable in their own skin a robot or doing an evil vampire. Giving a slight nod as well to the writers' continued understanding of the ways in which a person can pursue romance selfishly and how those selfish pursuits differ from honest devotion. Warren and Spike are two sides of the same selfish, corrupt coin.

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