Sunday, August 28, 2011

Classics: Farscape 2:22 - Die Me, Dichotomy

Overall Rating: 9.6

Unlike the previous trilogy of episodes, this one is paced just right...not too zany, not too inconsequential. Perhaps because they were just trying to tell two stories instead of four hundred billion.

Plot Synopsis:

The full summary of the dramatic events of Die Me, Dichotomy can be found here, courtesy of Project Farscape.

The Skinny:

The heroic struggle fought by John to keep his free will alive in even the smallest ways is finally lost here. Harvey gains control of his mind via the chip and interrupts all of his most promising moments with horrifying behavior that alienates most of his crewmates, does serious damage to his relationships, and eventually kills his true love. Harvey even seems to take pleasure in reviving Crichton's distinct individuality just in time to see what havoc Scorpius has wrought on his life in his name on several occasions. He torments Aeryn after confiding his love for her, then wakes up in time for her angry reaction. He suckers Zhaan into unity with the dark side and then allows John to witness her suffering. He scuttles Aeryn's prowler and then revives john in time to watch her plummet to her death in icy water (not to mention giving him the ability to be conscious for her funeral).

If Scorpius is something (besides being completely evil and twisted), he's a master manipulator. He wants John to want to die as soon as he has the information he needs. He never leaves survivors. As if to drive home the point that he never leaves ruvivors, he fully intended to kill big blue (an alien with whom he seemed to enjoy consorting!) last week...and now needlessly attempts to kill the doctor who designed his cooling system - perhaps he sees this kind of thing as efficient and clean. Why leave survivors in your wake when they might have a vendetta against you later or give aid to your enemy if it suits them? Anyone that knows anything about Scorpius must serve him until he no longer has a purpose and then die. This episode twists the knife so well for the can't "like" Scorpius even in the "love to hate" sort of way. You just HATE FEEL John's hatred and you understand it. Truly remarkable writing to get us to that point.

Writing: 10.0

There are no major structural problems with this script, unlike the previous three-parter. This is just concentrated torment for the viewers.

Acting: 9.5

Grunchlick and Browder-as-Scorpius were less convincing tha you'd like...but other than that...I have no complaints about the acting. I was particularly touched by Simcoe's reactions during the funeral and by Browder and Claudia Black i their more intimate moments.

Message: 9.3

Sometimes the best way to communicate virtue is to show what happens when you do the OPPOSITE of the virtuous. Scorpius is a walking billboard for the things free societies hold dear.

No Highlights for this one only because I'm scrambling to save a bunch of posts all at once in advance of Hurricane Irene

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