Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Classics: SG1 6:4 - Frozen

Overall Rating: 6.7

A verrrry slooowww episode that, right at the end, wins major sympathy points.

Plot Synopsis:

The full plot can be read at the Stargate Wiki.

The Skinny:

I'm just going to say right off the bat that the concept of an ancient race of men living on Earth millions of years ago is a fascinating one...I completely understand Carter's excitement...it's a shame Daniel wasn't here for this one, he would have crapped his pants. Seriously. But they revealed this bit of news in the slowest, and unfortunately least sympathetic way possible. They didn't even gave our ancient visitor a voice! They allowed her to do good deeds and she and Jonas established a bit of a rapport, but why would the race that built the Stargates and learned to bend reality with their minds not know how to interpret our simplistic forms of communication? The plague that nearly destroyed the Ancients and drove them out of our galaxy was certainly disturbing, but if the Goa'uld can beat it...why couldn't the Ancients? There are some head-scratching choices made in this one.

The thing that saves this from an opening comment involving the letter z repeated many times is the conclusion. A combination of very effective presentation and score and Jacks's hard choice to accept a Tok'ra symbiote for the benefit of his friends on SG-1 (it's not for him...he'd rather die than get one of those filthy snakes in his head, as he put it) makes for a bit of a gut-punch just as the credits roll and sends a powerful message about the value of life.

Writing: 4.5

I hate to do it...but...this one is just filled with enough strange plot points and long dragging scenes that put me to sleep that I can't give it even a par rating.

Acting: 7.5

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with the acting...especially on the part of RDA and Corin Nemec, who we think doesn't get enough credit around these parts.

Message: 8.0

And, right when we needed it most, this episode presents us with a hammer-stroke of genius on the message-front. A great man will accept a life he doesn't prefer over an easy death when he realizes that people are depending him...that his choice affects people other than himself. Jack is persuaded to accept a symbiote only when Carter and Teal'c literally beg him to do it. It takes a lot to overcome your own prejudices and subjugate your own ego for the good of your team.

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