Thursday, October 13, 2011

Classics: DS9 6:15 - Honor Among Thieves

Overall: 6.7

I'm tempted to add +1 for the kitty (because we love kitties here at Right Fans), but that would be silly.

Plot Synopsis:

Memory Alpha has a summary here.

The Skinny:

In reality, this is a very average episode. And it's average because it isn't especially original (as even Echevarria acknowledges). A cop infiltrates a crime syndicate? It's been done. Said cop comes to sympathize with the gangsters? Yeah, that's been done too. Basically, it feels like Echevarria whipped out a list of mob-related tropes in order to work out his story beats -- and that's disappointing. After all, Echevarria isn't known around here as "the character writer" for nothing.

The episode is watchable -- primarily because Colm Meaney is one of the strongest performers in the regular cast. But it's pure filler -- and its message isn't especially impressive either. 'Tis true that organized crime follows a code that is, in part, genuinely honorable. 'Tis also true that this type of criminal is likely to have a family for which he harbors great affection. Still, I can't help but think of that scene on House between Foreman and a death row inmate in which the prisoner reveals that he really cared for his little brother, and Foreman responds, "You killed four people. Somehow, making mac and cheese just the way he wants kind of loses its significance." I feel bad for Bilby's family, but Bilby himself knew the likely consequences of his lifestyle and thus is wholly responsible for his bad end.

Writing: 6.0

Though it isn't horrible, the script is rather clich├ęd.

Acting: 8.0

When Colm Meaney's the star, the acting is usually pretty good.

Message: 6.0

People are complex, but I don't feel sad for Bilby. He chose the criminal life, so it is his fault that he dies because of it.

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