Thursday, October 20, 2011

Classics: DS9 6:16 - Change of Heart

Overall Rating: 7.7

This little Dax/Worf vehicle plays pretty well for a filler episode - they use the relationship to explore a couple of interesting themes that haven't been handled well for this couple before and the answers are satisfying enough.

Plot Synopsis:

Wikipedia has the story.

The Skinny:

My co-author probably wouldn't have given this episode quite the marks that I I'm glad I got to review it.  Having been in a loving relationship for nearly two years now, I can confirm that the way Worf and Jadzia interact is quite genuine.  The episode moved up in my mental estimation after watching it with my significant other and realizing that I understood it better now that I could identify with the both of them.

The more important note for this episode, however, is the ethical dilemma.  While it's not the first time I've seen this question raised in science fiction, the execution was, in fact, solid.  If you are on the battlefield and your significant other is in trouble - what do you do?  This is precisely why military fraternization is verboten...for the protection of the men and women who serve.  Of course, Star Fleet isn't military! (yeah...right)  Well...the consequences of even the healthiest of relationships between even the most well-adjusted and battle-hardened soldiers are on display here.  I liked Sisko's reaction to Worf's decision to screw over the mission to save his wife.  "You made the wrong choice and I won't let it happen again.  But...I would have done the same thing."  Heh.  This is why we love the Sisko.

Writing: 7.5

Although the script isn't award-winning stuff, the romance is very well written and mature, and the comedy side-plot was reasonably amusing.

Acting: 7.5

Michael Dorn stands out above the rest of the cast this time around...we haven't called his name a whole heck of a lot yet, but it's not because we don't enjoy his performances - he's a cast of excellent actors, so he has to wait for Worf-centric episodes to stand out. :)

Message: 8.0

I'm giving this episode a message boost for reaffirming for us that (a) Worf and Jadzia were not "destined" to be together - they are different enough that they have to work at their relationship and (b) Worf and Jadzia really are in love...this is a far FAR cry from the inane immature stupidity of "Let He Who is Without Sin," that's for sure.

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