Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Classics: SG-1 6:16 - Metamorphosis

Overall Rating: 4.3

With the exception of the creepy way that Nirti's subjects die...this one doesn't demonstrate any grasp of character nor any mastery of interesting storytelling.

Plot Synopsis:

The fascinating details may be found here, courtesy of the Stargate Wiki.

The Skinny:

What can ya say about Nirti...other than...gee it would have been nice if Jack and the rest of SG-1 might have shown a little remorse for taking the "high road" by allowing a mass-murderer with a penchant for sick Nazi German-style medical experiments to go free because...we promised we would??  Under duress??  They blew that off after Colonel Russian Dude got his dig in on the subject, which is unfortunate.  Otherwise, I don't see the point of even telling this story, basically accomplishes nothing and has no message to give us.  A bunch of people we don't honestly care about because they're rather unsympathetic in their behavior are mutated by Nirti and capture us.  Nirti does some DNA mojo on all of us which is...I guess...supposed to scare us?  And...then the magic reset button is hit and Nirti gets killed.  Whoop-dee-doo.

And what the heck was that with Nirti coming on to Jonas and him faking interest...was that supposed to sucker us into thinking he might go dark-side?  Do we care?  They've done NOTHING to make Jonas a unique character other than have him eat constantly and geek out to the Weather Channel.  In's a script about nothing of consequence where stuff happens and I fall asleep if I'm at all short of hyped up on caffeine.  Good...moving on.

Writing: 2.0

Not ambitious, not creative, not productive, and not entertaining.

Acting: 5.0

Not well acted either.  Jacqueline Samuda (Nirti) was NEVER a convincing bad gal, Corin Memic puts in a flat performance as her "counterpart," and most of the extras are cartoonish in their deliveries.

Message: 6.0

Que es eso?

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