Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Classics: SG1 6:13 - Sight Unseen

Overall Rating: 7.5

This episode is utterly ridiculous - and I like it!

Plot Synopsis:

The Stargate Wiki has the multi-colored buggy goodness here.

The Skinny:

Three things to love about this episode:

  1. The creatures showing up in this episode looked like something you would see while higher than a kite.  Which helped keep the mood consistent.  If the bugs had been scary looking and ugly, we'd have had an unpleasant mix of horror and humor and no one would have bought in.  But these bugs were both disturbing cute?  The worms looked like sour gummies and the flying things looked like something out of fantasia.
  2. The guy who breeches containment just happened to be a PTSD-suffering conspiracy couldn't be your typical average Joe.  The wing-nut with the tinfoil hat is much more entertaining to talk down with a "you're right...we've been misbehaving and now I'm going to totally bullshit you but it's gonna sound so incredible that you'll believe it!" speech. :)
  3. The reactions of highly trained SGC personnel to the bugs were wonderfully silly.  Some were having momentary seizures...others were totally dead-panning and both were amusing.  Though my favorite reaction was the guy who saw one on his car windshield...that was priceless and reminded me of the All-State commercial where the guy drives like a maniac because a bee appears in his car while he's in motion. LOL "There was a bee......."
This episode mostly works because the comic acting of RDA and Chris Judge is GOLD.  The story is a bit cliche and ordinary and...they're not even trying for a message's just good clean silly fun.

Writing: 7.0

Nothing wrong with well-crafted fluff.

Acting: 9.5

RDA and Jody Racicot (Vernon) worked well together and Amanda Tapping and Chris Judge got in some great reaction takes as well.

Message: 6.0

All's quiet on the message front.

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