Friday, October 28, 2011

NEW! - Grimm 1:1 - Once Upon a Crime

Overall Rating: 7.0

A functionally solid premiere that establishes a couple of interesting main characters, and a mythology that could be compelling.  Lots of potential )and a little humor) but, so far, just potential.

Plot Synopsis:

Nick - a homicide detective - gets more than he bargains for when he begins to see monsters among the people of his town - wolves, demons and other creatures of all stripes - that no one else can see.  No one, that is, except his cancer-ridden aunt who comes with a warning that he has a curse that places a terrible burden on his family - he is a Grimm.  It seems that his line hsa been i the fight against the bogeys of fairy tales that were not, in fact, children's stories for our amusement, but warnings of what lurks in the shadows of our world.

In this first installment, he hunts for a missing girl after getting involved in the case when he is the investigator assigned to check out a grisly crime scene - a college student was torn to pieces by a vicious animal (it turns out to be the "big bad wolf" of Little Red Riding Hood" fame).  The same man is linked to a kidnapping of a girl.  He very creepily stows her in a basement room.  Meanwhile, our new Grimm tracks down a false lead...another he calls himself, a blud-bad.  He sees the man's real form and thinks he's the guy, but it turns out...he's reformed.  His family even goes to church to help control their evil impulses!  He proves to be a useful ally in hunting the big bad wolf and saving the girl.

All the while, he and his aunt are hunted by creatures called Grimm-reapers (yep...they're death...but...only to the, ey?) who are out to destroy the Grimm line and any evidence that might lead someone else to the trail of the demon world.  He must safeguard the texts and weapons of his line going forward.  This should be interesting.

The Skinny:

Some very classic Joss Whedon-style "curse/gift/mission that sucks and yet is needed" plot-building.  Our hero is in love and about to pop the question, but now if she gets involved, she'll be in constant danger.  Well don't that bite all.  The interesting question will be - will the Whedon crew take this in the direction of Buffy - where his friends and loved ones learn his secret and assist him - or will it be darker?  It's hard to say for now.  What we do know is that the Whedon style of humor is intact...although a little bit more adult this time (less way-cool-young-hip...more Firefly like)...and he picks writers that can produce likable characters.  Hopefully those skills will continue as the show goes on.

Writing: 7.5

I liked the reformed wolf...brought the funny, certainly.  The rest was just a combination of exposition and world-building.

Acting: 7.5

This cast does not, thus far, truly stand out...but it's early.  We shall see what happens when the real drama begins.

Message: 6.0

No message to be had yet...that remains to be seen.

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