Saturday, November 12, 2011

Admin Note on the Blog Schedule

With so much new content arriving at the same time, we feel it necessary to leave a brief description of the blog schedule going forward.

Barring schedule changes caused by travel or illness, this is when readers can expect commentary on each fandom:

SUNDAY: Grimm (SABR Matt)
MONDAY: Farscape (Stephanie S)
TUESDAY: The Walking Dead (SABR Matt)
WEDNESDAY: Terra Nova (Stephanie S)
THURSDAY: Once Upon a Time (SABR Matt)
FRIDAY: House (Stephanie S)
SATURDAY: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (alternating authorship)

Other fandoms:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Stargate SG1
Babylon 5
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Are temporarily on hold with the exception of weeks during which one or more of these new canons is not aired.  This is not a reflection on our opinion of those other canons...I assure you, we love Buffy and Stargate and TNG as much as anything else we cover.  We are putting Buffy on hold to give us time to properly prepare a musical tribute to its musical episode "Once More with Feeling," B5 is on hold because fifth season is the least important year of the franchise and we have plenty of time to wrap it up at a later date.  TNG was being used to fill gaps in the schedule...a fuller rating of the show will come once DS9 is completed.  And Stargate will be the first fandom we use when one of the new series goes on hiatus.

We are favoring Farscape because we're in its best season and want to continue with that for now and we are favoring DS9 because we are nearly done with our very first canon and reaching the final war arc, which we've been waiting to comment on since this blog opened in August of 2009.  We appreciate your patience if you are a reader for one of the classic canons currently on hold.  That content will return throughout the year as time permits.


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