Monday, November 28, 2011

Classics: Farscape 3:13 - Scratch 'N Sniff

Overall: 3.0

I'm with Pilot on this one: WTF?

Plot Synopsis:

The Farscape Wiki has a summary here.

The Skinny:

I've been struggling to put my finger on just why I find this episode off-putting, but I think, in the end, it all boils down to the tone employed. Consider the actual content of this episode for a moment: John, D'Argo, Chiana, and Jool go out for a night on the town at Pilot's strenuous urging. John and D'Argo get very drunk and are subsequently "rolled" by two women; simultaneously, another criminal takes advantage of the distraction to spirit Jool and Chiana away with the help of what is, essentially, a date rape drug. Jool and Chiana are then drained of a body fluid that is apparently a key ingredient in the aforementioned drug, after which Chiana is almost auctioned off as a sex slave. And from where I sit, it seems that all of this is played for laughs. Again, WTF? Black comedy often works on this show, but this time around, I think the writers go too far. When people are being exploited, I don't particularly feel like yucking it up. On the contrary, I feel uncomfortable.

The story is also extremely implausible. Okay, yes -- if Pilot's reactions are any indication, the writers do seem to be aware of this fact. But still: I find it highly unlikely that every sentient race in this part of the galaxy would have the exact same gland (which contains variations of the same potent hormone). And the quick edits? I just found those bizarre and distracting. Sorry, guys. I know you were trying to do something "cool" there, but it didn't really work for me.

Writing: 3.0

I'm awarding three points for the one element of the episode that did kind of work: Pilot's incredulity.

Acting: 6.0

Raxil is over-the-top, but the others aren't that bad.

Message: 0.0

Ah, no -- the crimes perpetrated here are not funny. I'm going to have to put my foot down on this one.

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