Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NEW!: The Walking Dead 2:6 - Secrets

Overall Rating: 8.5

We're building toward some major league conflict here...it's riveting to watch.

Plot Synopsis:

Wikipedia has the story.

The Skinny:

A few thoughts on the key plot developments:

  1. Walkergate - the plot thickens indeed regarding Hershel's barn full of dead things.  As it turns out, Hershel doesn't look too killing to "killing" the sick, equating the walkers with schizophrenics.  While I do appreciate his preference toward mercy and shared sacrifice and his reverence for spiritual matters, in this case, his conviction (driven at least as much by his desperate need to believe there is some help or hope for his wife and stepson as his faith) will get some people killed.  He needs to be made to see reason.  Fortunately, though his daughter believes his line about the walkers at first, an attack on her person (and a subsequent really freaky slow death of said walker by multiple ax whacks, including a protracted period where his head is nearly, but not entirely cleaved from his body and he still attempts an attack!) at the drug store convinces her that her father is wrong.  Those walkers will need to be dealt with...and soon.
  2. Officer Crazy - things sure have changed here on the farm of the damned!  Deputy Deranged is at it again...insisting that the search for Sophia be called off, badgering Andrea with way too much cruelty while teaching her to shoot moving targets, having meaningless sex with her when she reaches out to him in a moment of vulnerability...and finally threatening to kill Dale when he is confronted with the evidence that he very nearly murdered Rick in the woods in the first episode of the season.  Oh yeah...he's a major role now.  I sincerely hope Dale follows up on his insistence than Captain Crackers be evicted form the group...he's a wise man and very observant...and he knows as well as the rest of us that the mad marshal is a grave threat to the survival of his people.
  3. Lori's Choice - well made...just barely.  After Glen offers (desperately) to help Lori through her pregnancy and get her anything she needs (and begs her to tell Rick), she asks him to go to the drug store for morning after pills.  Glen - being made of concentrated awesome - brings her those pills, but along with them, he offers a gentle word of advice (that she shouldn't make this kind of decision alone) and prenatal vitamins.  His little way of reminding her that she really does have a choice and that she won't be alone if she chooses life for her fetus.  Though Lori at first resolves to take the abortion pills...that little doubt in her mind is amplified a thousand times by Glen's patient and supportive council, and she throws up the pills.  She is going to tell Rick, but he discovers the evidence first and goes storming out to find her.  At which point she admits to wrongdoing with Piggy the Prat in Rick's absence (and presumed death).  With all of their secrets laid bare, Rick seems to take the news well (though he is obviously hurt).  I fear, however, that the first time Rick sees the cowardly cop, he's going to have fun with the butt of his pistol and any other prop he has on hand.
  4. Young Love - Meanwhile...poor Glen has no clue about how to talk to girls and gets himself into a lot of trouble on a couple of different occasions with Maggie...though each time, she seems to find him more and more attractive.  Maggie gives him a rather rough little pep talk about his leadership qualities and his need to realize that they are there and stop letting himself be the group's bitch.  She's got a point there, kiddo.
All in all...score one for the sanctity of life (hoorah!!) and for the quality of good leaders in times of crisis.  Dale, Glen, Rick...good people all.  Lori is too...she just needs to remember it...today was a good start.  The Dickless Wonder...not so much.  I'm hoping he gets eaten by a walker soon.

Writing: 9.0

Things are getting very interesting indeed...they are being patient and playing things out slowly...but they're not letting things stall.

Acting: 7.5

Jon Bernthal (SHane) overdoes his "what do you think about that?" bit with Dale, IMHO, and I think Lauren Cohan isn't playing her character sympathetically enough even under such traumatic circumstances...I get the fear and the grief...but there are moments where she seems a bit too bitchy to play the role that's written for her.  The rest of the cast does its' usual great job with what they're given.

Message: 9.0

There seems to be a theme developing about the virtue of keeping to one's humanity and valuing life even if doing so costs you dearly.  Sheriff Shitbird gave up his humanity long ago...he may survive, but he'll wish he hadn't.  Meanwhile, Lori struggles daily with the reality that her life (and the life of her children) won't be as simple and as physically rewarding as she'd hoped, but nonetheless makes the right decision and listens to her conscience and the rest of the group continues searching for a girl (at great personal peril) who's been gone for five days now.  Gotta say...sign me up for more of this!

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