Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pardon the Interruption: House 8:4 - Risky Business

Overall Rating: 5.8

Boring case, disappointing direction, lifeless dialogue...wrapped in a neat package of mediocrity.

Plot Synopsis:

FOX has a recap...I doubt you care enough to click the link, so I'm not gonna bother...look it up if you prefer. :)

The Skinny:

A functional House episode...one that exceeds the "par" bar of 6.5...must include a medical mystery that catches the eye and is properly linked to the personal drama for House or his ducklings.  There are formula-smashing episodes (and most of these are usually outstanding and more laser-focused on personal drama for one of the main characters), but if you're going to do a formula episode...it should make some attempt to incorporate some interesting personal angle for House.  I don't watch this show because I care much what funky personalities the patients of the week will have.  I care about the main characters.  And I *really* don't watch this show to get a lecture on how stupid it is to be patriotic or how unfair it is for a CEO to protect the life of his company if it means leaving the country.  Little tip for the writers...if you're going to philosophize...it'd better have a point and both sides need to be fairly AND ACCURATELY defended.  This show seemed disorganized and, as a result, preachy to me.  For no good reason.

But it's actually a little worse than that.  The soap opera aspect of the show has driven us to an incredibly mundane spluttering halt.  At least for now (because they're always capable of bringing back the House drama), it appears that they're slowly bringing House back to stasis.  I've seen no evidence that House has been permanently changed by the incredibly traumatic events of the last three years...which means we went through all of that...for no good reason.  Which is exceedingly frustrating.


This script lacked imagination...the character components were hum-drum at best.  Does anyone feel more emotionally linked to Dr. Prison-Girl (see...I don't know her name and I don't even care!) now that we know she's divorced?  There were some chuckles involving Wilson's reaction to House's gamesmanship with Dr. Fists-of-Fury, but otherwise...big fat ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


 There's nothing wrong with the acting...but it doesn't exactly sparkle.

Message: 5.0

I have to clank this episode at least a little for its double-straw-man arguments regarding loyalty and patriotism vs. pragmatism.  It is not irrational to love a country that has been good to you...it is not about loving the land...it's about loving the IDEALS for which the nation was built and the oppportunities that those ideals were built.  Equally, it is not irrational for a CEO facing an environment hostile to his continued success to prefer to move to China and retain ownership of his company than to sell to other American investors at the risk of future disaster against which he can now take no action.  The whole episode was filled with pithy, stupid little one-liners from House that are indefensibly short on logic and factual foundation.

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