Monday, December 5, 2011

Classics: SG1 6:17 - Disclosure

Overall Rating: 6.3

As clip shows go...this one was pretty good.

Plot Synopsis:

The Stargate Wiki has the full disclosure on Full Disclosure.

The Skinny:

It is admittedly fun to watch China get smacked down by the Asgard after all of their attempts to form an alliance with Russia against Stargate Command.  Apart from that...this is a clip show.  My skinny comments will therefore be a clip commentary.


Writing: 6.0

There is no writing in a clip show apart from the political intrigue.

Acting: 6.0

There is no acting in a clip show.

Message: 7.0

There is no message in a clip show...there is however a fun little shout out to the remaining totalitarians despots in our world - hey guys...YOU SUCK at making friends!

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