Saturday, December 17, 2011

NEW!: Grimm 1:7 - Let Your Hair Down

Overall Rating:7.8

Monroe continues to be this show's strongest asset, providing a balanced, often hilarious, and generally charming perspective on the world of animal/human races in Grimm canon.

Plot Synopsis:

Nine years ago, a girl was abducted from her adoptive parents' home - she vanished, never to be heard from again.  That is until a strange homicide in the woods outside of Mt. Hood National Park draws the attention of Nick.  He finds some long female hairs at the crime scene and catches a glimpse of a bludbat nearby.  When DNAS is run on the hair, they discover that it belongs to their nine-year-old cold case.  Nick recruits Monroe to help him track the girl - who is also bludbaten - in the woods and they find her highly impressive tree house.  Unfortunately, it turns out she killed because she was cornered by the unsavory drug-dealing bastard and shot with a hunting rifle.  Nick goes to get help while Monroe cares for her using family medical secrets known, apparently, only to bludbaten.

Meanwhile, the drug-dealer's brothers, on realizing that their relation is dead, go looking for revenge and eventually find the girl's camp site as well.  Putting two and two together, they threaten to kill her and Monroe before Nick can return, but she demonstrates her supernatural abilities and quickly dispatches the would-be gunmen.  Monroe helps her reunite with her parents and reminds her of her human past.  She will need his guidence to learn to control the bludbat within, but for now, at least her peodophilic former neighbor is going behind bars.

The Skinny:

As I said above, Monroe is the show's biggest asset.  Thus far, his character is the only one that has stretched its way into the third dimension.  But at least they're making good use of him as a sympathetic representative of his animal-infused race.  I like that Grimm is making the Grimm Brothers' Demon / Human divide look much more complex.  I like that the show's writers are able to tug at the heartstrings a little this week (it really is a very sweet conclusion...other than the somewhat scary look on the poor girl's face when she identifies her former neighbor in a line-up...yikes!) and I am glad Monroe is so well thought-out.  But...can we get some depth out of Nick, Juliette, Franklin, etc?  Because as it stands right now...the show depends entirely on Monroe's humorous, good-natured style and quirks to make it work...and it won't last with that model.

Writing: 7.5

This one doesn't zing quite as sharply as the previous one, but it is filled with pathos, and that always leads to a strong showing on this blog.

Acting: 7.0

I didn't see any truly stand-out performances, but their guest-star did a solid job as did Monroe.

Message: 9.0

It's worth pointing out that in her natural "wild child" state, the helpless little bludbat girl didn't turn into a demonic animal-thing...she only killed when she was cornered and threatened with death.  I am wondering how many Grimms before Nick just killed bludbaten without giving a thought to whether they'd done anything to merit such a punishment other than being different?  At the very least, this Grimm is living by a better code.

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