Thursday, December 1, 2011

NEW!: Once Upon a Time: 1:5 - That Still, Small Voice

Overall Rating: 6.6

Oh snap!  A tweedy little therapist with some cajones of steel!

Plot Synopsis:

The details are here, courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Skinny:

Here is the pithy summary.  This was a run of the mill episode with a strong message presented in a rather lukewarm way.  That's not a bad thing.

The more detailed commentary feels a bit old-hat, to be honest, because the lesson isn't new, surprising, or told in any sort of way that adds life to the story.  The story of Jiminy Cricket was interesting (and damn his parents were evil!) but I can't say as the rest of the episode did anything for me or raised any emotions (other than thinking Mayor Evil desperately needs to go away (as usual).  I can't put my finger on exactly why Henry's heart break at his shrink's apparent change of attitude misses the mark in my head...but I just don't feel all that pulled by it.  Maybe it's the acting.

The message, though old and well-worn, is still quite correct.  I must apologize though...I can't think of new ways to say "taking the easy road is the surest way to your own ruination"...we've said it many times on this blog.

Writing: 6.0

A bit of a dull lacks the jeopardy I think it needs to explain Jiminy's sudden change of heart in re: Henry's therapy.

Acting: 6.0

I also think Jared Gilmore (Henry) really played this one weakly...I know I shouldn't expect miracles from child actors, but in this case, it makes the whole episode seem a little more boring.

Message: 7.8

See above...good message, not well told, I'm afraid.

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