Thursday, December 22, 2011

NEW!: Terra Nova 1:11 & 1:12 - Occupation/Resistance (Final Capsule Review)

I'm not expending too much energy on this review, as I've already decided to abandon this series. However, if you're still interested, you can read a brief summary of my reaction to the season finale below the spoiler cut.

Plot Synopsis: Can be found here.

Steph's Comments: I must admit, I'm mildly curious to see what will happen once the colonists discover that they've lost their one supply line and will soon be short on their nifty, futuristic amenities. If I were a writer on this series, I would see the destruction of Hope Plaza as a golden opportunity to sow dissension in Terra Nova's ranks. But do I expect Terra Nova's existing writing staff to actually capitalize on this potential? No. Said writers have proven that they are not worthy of my trust. Their bad guys are so ridiculously over-the-top that you just can't take their storytelling seriously.

Consider Weaver, for example. If he weren't such a prissy man-boy and actually had some facial hair, we would've seen Weaver twirling his mustache and cackling at some point. I mean, really -- Weaver gleefully shoots an innocent herbivore! There's no way the writers could've made it any more obvious that Weaver is EEEEEEEEEEEVIL with a capital E. And the characterization of Lucas Taylor is plagued by similar problems. There's not a single scene in these two episodes in which Lucas displays anything other than pure, unadulterated sociopathy -- and that complete lack of ambiguity is just not interesting to me. In order for a villain to grab my attention, he can't be a psycho; he has to have understandable reasons for what he is doing. But, of course, giving Lucas understandable reasons would undermine the writers' true purpose, which is to craft a "green" morality play -- and I'd rather not subject myself to that kind of indoctrination.

Steph's Rating: 2.0

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