Monday, January 23, 2012

Classics: BtVS 6:9 - Smashed

Overall Rating: 7.5

Here we ready for this?  It's the beginning of three episodes that will make you want to die!

Plot Synopsis:

Wikipedia has the details - don't say I didn't warn you.

The Skinny:

Let's see...the Trio steals a large diamond, which they will be using to power a focused particle beam in a later weapon that will turn them invisible...and this is the least evil thing happening in the episode.  In fact, right now, I'm more prone to like Andrew and Jonathan than I am to like the main characters featured in the episode.

    • Spike continues to try to convince Buffy that she belongs on the dark side (this, for those of you who are keeping score, is NOT love...this is self-serving dreck and deep down, Spike knows it)...and when he discovers that the spell which brought Buffy back to life has made him able to hit Buffy without pain, he taunts her, saying she "came back wrong" and claiming that this proves she's a demon now. Never underestimate the power of lust and evil to combine into something truly disgusting.
      Buffy, having rediscovered just how much it sucks to be alive after you'vbe been in heaven, is barely holding onto her dignity until she discovers that she is not fully a natural human anymore, at which point, she loses all pretense of wanting anything other than what is completely self-destructive and falls for Spike's self-serving advances.
      Willow de-rats her old schoolmate Amy to help get her over her loneliness and the two of them go on a rather frightening magical bender...and we're just getting started with the magic abuse...wait til NEXT week.
      I miss Giles already...*whimper*

  • At this point, the writers are taking our heroes and dragging them through every painful indulgence, every lseazy behavior, every human failing they can get away with and still be in character.  That's OK...though the message that this bad behavior delivers will not come until they come out of their delerium.  Needless to say...this episode and the one that follows ("Wrecked") are deeeeeee...pressing.  I happen to know that it's building toward something worthwhile, but I can see how fans of the series might havbe thought it had jumped the shark while it was happening.  Yowch.

    Writing: 8.0

    Despite the depressing content, the writing continues to respect the characters and stay true to form and the plot is certain attention-grabbing.

    Acting: 8.5

    Alyson Hannigan and SMG (and James Marsters of course) carry this episode and actuall;y, the guest-stars that fill out The Trio are amusing as hell, to their credit, so no complaints on the acting.

    Message: 6.0

    No message yet...wait a bit, though, this is all heading somewhere good.

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