Saturday, January 21, 2012

NEW!: Grimm 1:9 - Of Mouse and Man

Overall Rating: 6.2

Basically an average episode other than the running plot regarding Monroe's character development...which, while interesting, does feel a tad rushed.

Plot Synopsis:

Two plots: a mouse-man experiences a full blown psychotic break after his father dies - he begins seeing his repressive father everywhere and Nick and Frank track him in his grudge against a snake-man (personal injury lawyer...typical).  He ends up kidnapping a girl he likes because he no longer wishes to stay confined to a mouse-like existence of mediocrity.  Meanwhile, Grimm Reapers track down allies of the new Grimm (Juliette and Monroe) and give Monroe a serious beating as a warning to stop assisting the Grimm.  Juliette pursues a vehicle she sees parked outside her home and a family of blud-baten flee from her very glance, making her wonder who they thought she was.

The Skinny:

The main plot was run of the mill cop-drama with an uninteresting Grimm twist.  Mousy-men and snakes in our midst?  That's old hat, IMHO.  That episode failed to establish the true differences between the various classes in play.  But the side plot does have potential.  Monroe, after getting beat down reveals the reaper logo to Nick and Nick pledges not to ask for Monroe's help any longer, but Monroe insists that he continue to do so.  He doesn't care much for established rules and wants to fight.  While this is interesting, I think it's very rushed.  Monroe started out being kind of reluctant to help and now he's risking death at every turn to help...and we didn't see enough personally motivating reasons why this should be.  I would have liked Monroe to pull back at first and then have Nick almost die or something and this could have been a good motivator.  All in all, though, this is run of the mill stuff without much of a message, and the dialogue is...pretty dull, I must say.

Writing: 6.0

Average stuff...nothing really thrilling happens this week.

Acting: 6.5

Monroe continues to be fun to watch and I like that Juliette is starting to get more screen-time and to be viewed as a street-wise chick with a good head on her shoulders.  It makes her more interesting and will make the payoff we're about to get where she learns of Nick's Grimm status more worthwhile.

Message: 6.0


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