Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Classics: Farscape 4:5 - Promises

Overall: 7.8

This rather intriguing episode asks more questions than it answers.

Plot Synopsis:

Farscape World has a summary here.

The Skinny:

"Somebody needs to teach that guy how to die!" -- Jack O'Neill, Stargate: SG1

This is the line that always pops into my mind when Scorpius reappears in this episode exhibiting no signs that he was shot and buried alive on Arnesk. It almost stretches the bounds of credibility, in fact, that Scorpius survived. But hey -- I'll apply the Rule of Cool here and move on. Why? Because it's actually pretty interesting that Scorpius is now in the position Crais was in two seasons ago: on the outs with his commanding officers and fleeing for his life. Of course, as with Crais, John isn't going to just accept that Scorpius is now a good guy -- and in my humble opinion, he shouldn't. At the moment, Scorpius' interests and John's interests have come into alignment, but that can certainly turn around on a dime if the circumstances change.

In the meantime, this is also the episode in which John and Aeryn finally reunite -- and we discover that Aeryn has been very busy lately. The hints dropped regarding her activities during the hiatus certainly pique this viewer's curiosity -- as does her caginess with regards to her pregnancy. This is not the time for any pay-offs, however. This episode is merely setting up a new discomfort between Aeryn and John.

And lastly, what the heck happened to Moya, and why is Pilot being so weird? Seriously -- Pilot's demeanor when he's asked about Moya's trip through that wormhole sets off all sorts of alarm bells. And does that induce me to continue watching to find out what will happen next? Certainly!

Writing: 8.5

As set-up scripts go, this one's actually very solid.

Acting: 9.0

I love Ben Browder's facial expressions upon seeing Scorpius, and Ben and Claudia tackle the underlying tension in their scenes quite masterfully.

Message: 6.0

I didn't notice any stand-out themes.

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