Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NEW!: Once Upon a Time 1:13 - What Happened to Frederick

Overall: 9.0

Wait -- you mean there are consequences when you lie? Knock me over with a feather!

Plot Synopsis: has a recap here.

The Skinny:

A quick note before I get to the real meat of the episode: Did you notice that Regina used a video game to draw Henry's attention away from his treasured book? As both a teacher and a life-long avid reader, I was certainly amused. Yes -- only an evil queen would seek to deaden a child's imagination by putting him in front of a screen.

But now let's talk about David/Prince Charming and Mary Margaret/Snow White and why this episode restored my faith in the show's writers. As you all well know, my principal response to their Storybrooke affair has been one of disapproval. While it's certainly valid to point out that David's marriage to Kathryn is a sham in the literal sense - a magical figment conjured by Regina's curse - I don't believe that justifies all the sneaking around. So you can imagine the undiluted delight I felt this week when the whole situation finally blew up in their faces. Dishonesty should get you into trouble, and I love that Mary Margaret took a stand and said, essentially, "You know what, David? If you can't come clean to your wife, how can I possibly trust you?"

I also love how the fairy-tale is thematically tied to the Storybrooke plot. The chief conflict in the fairy-tale plot, you see, involves Prince Charming's struggle to distinguish between the false love promised by the siren and the genuine article -- and doesn't that mirror his "real world" troubles rather perfectly? At the moment, David's relationship with Mary Margaret is just as illusory as the siren's song because it has not been built on a bedrock of truth.

In short, SABR Matt and I were quite impressed that the writers chose not to ignore the promptings of traditional morality. Let's hope they keep their ethical compasses pointed firmly in the right direction.

Writing: 8.5

Again, if there's one thing I really enjoy, it's realistic consequences.

Acting: 8.5

The performances are also quite strong.


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  1. I would also add that Prince Charming in the Story world was decidedly NOT a coward...his quest to be with Snow White was builkt on hard work, sacrifice, and true devotion...something that we hadn't fully appreciated until this episode...and I suspect that will be made even more clear when we get further filling in of the backstory. The spell Regina cast on the lot of the chracters in Storybrooke seems to have placed a block on David/Charming's courage and dedication...he knows what he has to do and he literally can't bring himself to do it. I find that interesting.