Monday, March 26, 2012

Classics: DS9 7:18 - 'Til Death Do Us Part

Overall: 6.5

Many developments here seem entirely random.

Plot Synopsis:

Memory Alpha has a short summary here.

The Skinny:

At this point in the "magnum opus," I have just a few comments:

  • SABR Matt is right: The revelation that Ezri loves Bashir is a bolt from the blue. We've seen those two characters communicate on friendly terms several times, but there's been no hint of any romantic attraction. Fail, writers. Fail.
  • Also, a nitpick: The writers need to get up to date on their psychology. From what I understand, psychoanalysis has been out of favor for quite some time, and cognitive-behavioral therapy is on the rise. Though it's not impossible that people will go back to Freud at some point in the future, I somehow doubt that we will still believe in dream analysis when it comes to discovering our inner emotional states. Plus, Ezri's dream was ridiculously obvious.
  • The Breen? Really? I must've missed the part in which the Breen were highlighted as a critical power in the quadrant. In all seriousness, the Dominion's new alliance would've been a much bigger shock if it had been forged with a more familiar race. What do we know about the Breen? Not much. And does the name "Breen" strike fear in the hearts of the viewers? No.
  • You would think Winn would recognize Dukat's voice. After all, it is quite distinctive. Additionally, I do think pushing the Winn/"Anjohl" relationship into sexual territory is going just a tad too far. Plenty of evil can be accomplished without adding that little wrinkle.
  • On Sisko's disobeying the Prophets, I'd just like to point out, for the record, that Sarah turns out to be right. At the end of our sprawling tale, Kasidy is quasi-widowed. Indeed, Sisko and Kasidy are never given the opportunity to truly enjoy their marriage. And that's why I'm glad that Kira is at their slap-dash wedding ceremony looking properly grim.

Writing: 5.0

The pacing issues really start to show at this point. More episodes needed to be devoted to explaining the Breen -- and the writers should've spent more time building chemistry between Ezri and Bashir.

Acting: 7.5

I perceived no huge mistakes in the performances, however.

Message: 7.0

And I'd also like to add one point for the writers' acknowledging - through Kira - the folly of ignoring the divine.

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  1. My main complaint with this episode is actually that Kira doesn't give the Prophets a strong enough defense. AGAIN. She seems to be very bad at that. I would have had her make the case that the Prophets, who - after all - can see the future, are warning him that he faces a difficult trial. Is it really fair to KASSIDY to bring her into that picture? Is it really in her best interest to expose her to the risk of nothing but sorrow? Sisko is being selfish's his responsibility to take care of Kassidy at least in part if he really loves her.

    Other than that...the pop psych 101 isn't that bad...many people do still give weight to dreams and their meanings, especially when they recur and are disruptive. And the "Julian??? Really??" aspect of the plot is played as being a subconscious thing...which, I suppose I can live with, though I don't really like that pairing, personally (I'm an Ezri/Jake shipper...LOL)

    The Breen are indeed a total should have been played as a mystery. Instead, Weyoun brags that the Breen entering the fold "changes everything" which the viewer replies, "does it? We have no idea!" What should have happened there...either go with someone we know is a threat (the Tholians or the Naussicans or someone like that)...or go with the mystery angle and let us be paralyzed with shock when it turns out the Breen have a new weapon. We got neither.