Saturday, March 31, 2012

NEW!: Grimm 1:15 - Island of Dreams

Overall Rating: 6.0

Juliette gets more awesome by the moment...the rest of the cast isn't really growing or changing much.

Plot Synopsis:

A) Vescin crackheads kill the fuchsbau dealer from "Organ Grinder" in search of a drug called "J" and Nick and Hank are sent to investigate.  This investigation forges a new friendship between the shop owner's sister and Monroe as they bond over past indiscretions and the pain of living a double life.  Eventually, the investigation leads the police to break up an "island of dreams" - a vescin crack house.

B) The Grimm Reaper we met in Beeware and the pilot is sent on a mission to get Hank to fall in love with her so that the reapers can infiltrate Nick's operation.  She does so by filling gift-cookies with a potion designed to produce obsessive behavior.  Unfortunately, another cop ingests the treats and has a very bad adverse reaction requiring herbal intervention at the spice shop.  But Hank definitely begins to obsess over the reaper temptress in his dreams and while awake as he sees delusions of her everywhere.

C) Juliette decides that in order to feel safe with Nick, she needs to learn to shoot.  In her first lesson, she proves to be extremely adept, making Nick a little nervous. :)  Meanwhile, the people who stalked Nick's house out of curiosity start way WAAAAAY overcompensating in order to make it up to Nick and Juliette.  They make the couple a beautiful quilt, a tasty pie, and a nice wicker basket and the father even repairs their front door.

The Skinny:

I am sorry to say that, although the humorous elements of the story were indeed quite amusing, and although they're trying to create some intrigue with Hank and the reapers (and creating scenarios that make it less and less likely that Nick can keep his identity secret for long)...this is yet another "meh" story that fails to really do much in the way of character work.  Monroe's new relationship could be interesting...Hank's obsession could be interesting, Juliette's increasing exposure to the Grimm world could be interesting...none of it IS interesting yet.  Beyond that, the plot dragged and didn't have much ambition.  Can't say much more than that.

Writing: 5.0

The humor was effective...the action/investigation plot was not.  Overall...pretty bland and lifeless storytelling I must say.

Acting: 7.0

The main cast was fine...but Juliette and the new vescin mate for Monroe were a cut above the rest.

Message: 6.0

Not applicable.

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