Monday, April 9, 2012

NEW!: Grimm 1:16 - The Thing With Feathers

Overall Rating: 6.5

Man this is boring.  This series will be dropped from the blog next year.

Plot Synopsis:

Nick takes Juliette on a romantic retreat because he wants to pop the question.  Unfortunately, on this retreat, Juliette spots a domestic abuse situation that turns out to have Grimmular dimensions to it.  The events that ensue involving a bird with a golden egg in her throat serve to remind Juliette that Nick isn't telling her the whole truth.  When he does propose, she turns him down on those grounds, not on the grounds we thought she would use (that she was too afraid for her life).  Nick will need to tell her about the Grimm thing to regain her trust.

Meanwhile, Hank continues desperately pursuing the hexenbiest and she finally agrees to the date.  Their evil plan to infiltrate the Grimm operation to get at Nick is going well it seems, though the woman involved is being used as slave sex-bait and doesn't like it much.

The Skinny:

The main characters are sooooooo...booooooring.  Sorry...but I can't like a series where every episode is a police procedural with a demony twist and the main characters in the drama are bland, uninteresting people.  As I noted above, I feel I've given Grimm a more-than-fair chance to hold my interest and develop into something worth watching.  I don't feel that they've done anywhere near enough work on developing larger stakes or making me care about the characters.  Even the first season of Stargate Universe, which I now better appreciate, kept my interest, though there were episodes that did not, because the characters were very "big" and some of them intensely likable.  I will probably continue to watch Grimm and if it suddenly develops bigger stakes or grows a pair of friggin' balls, the series will return to the blog.  But I am officially suspending coverage of it here as of this week.

Writing: 6.0

It made no sense to me that if the egg broke it was worthless if the value of it was the gold.  They melt gold all the time.  Otherwise, the plot was so ordinary I almost gave up on it midway through in deference to watching pain dry.

Acting: 7.5

There was nothing wrong with the performances, though.

Message: 6.0

There is no message, only Zool.

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