Friday, April 20, 2012

NEW!: Grimm 1:17 / 1:18 - Love Sick / Cat and Mouse

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Mea Culpa!  They just cracked open their world BIG TIME with the most recent Grimm episode and dramatically increased the stakes, the drama, and the potential of the franchise.  Neither episode rises to the level of feature status, but both have managed to increase my interest enough to resume coverage of Grimm.

For now, I will cover Grimm a few episodes at a time in capsule review format unless/until it delivers on some of this new promise.

Grimm 1:17 - Love Sick

Monroe and Rosa Lee put the pieces together to explain Hank's obsession with the Hexenbiest Adalind, realizing that Hank is infected by a love spell that will eventually throw his mind into a coma if he isn't cured.  The progress of the disease is hastened when Hank and Adalind have sex and Nick must fight and defeat the Hexenbiest part of Adalind to save him (which he successfully does, rendering Adalind entirely human and entirely useless to the royal lineage of Vescin in their plots to get a special key from Nick.

This episode is actually very entertaining and kept my interest throughout, though it still suffers from creature-of-the-week disease and the resolution was disappointingly limited.  Overall, it sets the tone well for Nick's future battles with the various vescin classes, and especially the royals (including his boss).  But it lacks the potency of the next installment.


Grimm 1:18 - Cat and Mouse

We learned a LOT today, boys and girls!  We learned that the show is going to devleop a keen interest in current socio-political trends and begin taking on global significance sooner or later, since the royal vescin classes have their hands in global governance and economic activity.  We learned that Nick is VERY unusual for a Grimm...and that the Grimms have been involved in a dirty deal with the royals for centuries to control the unrulier elements of vescin culture - figuring order was better than chaos, even if the order was totalitarian.  My view of prior Grimms has gone from one that believed they were out there killing vescin indiscriminately thinking they were protecting humanity to one that views them as willing agents in a world order meant to keep vescin in line.  It seems Nick's family is unusual...his aunt and parents may have been killed because they didn't follow Grimm orthodoxy and sided instead with the resistance!  And we learned that Nick is in MUCH deeper than even he realized if he continues trying to be a good man and do the right thing.  Interesting!

This one got my attention in a major way.  That buys the show time to organize around these bigger principles and I look forward to seeing what the show delivers going forward.


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