Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pardon the Interruption: House 8:17 - We Need the Eggs

Overall: 6.2

This one offers little to write home about -- and the medicine doesn't make any sense.

Plot Synopsis:

The official site has a recap here.

The Skinny:

How do we get liver failure and bloody tears from amoebic meningitis? And isn't amoebic meningitis largely fatal? The solution to the Patient of the Week's medical mystery doesn't seem to fit his symptoms -- and by the way, it also depends on the ridiculous notion that Chase has never seen a Netti pot before. As the medical nitpicker notes over at Polite Dissent, Netti pots are pretty common. Indeed, they're sold at every local drug store.

Essentially, it looks like the writers haphazardly constructed this episode around a national headline and an episode of My Strange Addiction. I'm also somewhat disappointed that they went in the predictable direction in re: Adams and her supposed interest in Chase. Personally, I wish the show would try something more subversive -- like pairing Chase with Park. On the other hand, I kind of like that House is getting attached to his fake wife. If the series ended with House in a serious relationship of some sort, that would be quite acceptable.

Writing: 5.0

The script is sloppy, truth be told, but there are a few interesting moments that prevent it from slipping into "clank" territory.

Acting: 6.5

No performances stand out for me. The acting is pretty average.

Message: 7.0

I'll give this score a little tweak here. After all, the writers clearly prefer real, honest relationships over fantasies.

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  1. Even Juliet noticed the Netti pot thing and was like "um...I think Chase would know what a netti pot was" - the episode annoyed me, personally, because it seemed like the writers were going way far out of the way to prove that every person on the planet has a real or metaphorical sex doll to replace the much scarier real intimacy and that's a bunch of whooey.

    I enjoyed Park having fun with the fellow dorky guitarist and I enjoyed Chase and Adams being confused by House's mental trickery, but not everyone is as dysfunctional as someone who would actually desire to work with House. And Taub's kids SHOULD be his sex doll. He has two kids that need him...he SHOULD be growing up and approaching things like a mature adult now.