Friday, May 11, 2012

Classics: SG1 7:8 - Space Race

Overall Rating: 6.3

High Marks for cornball humor and creative method of storytelling, but...this one didn't work as well as some of their other meta-humor episodes as the story wasn't particularly interesting.

Plot Synopsis:

The details can be found here, thanks to the Stargate Wiki.

The Skinny:

I like that we get to see Carter let her hair down a bit and have FUN for a change...albeit incredibly nerdy science dork fun...but still. :)  And I like that the crew of the show took the time to have some fun of their own with the cooky news broadcasts and product placement ads and alien art backdrops and color commentary.  That works for me on many levels.  I'm not badmouthing this one, so no angry hate mail. :)  This episode happens to be exceedingly popular in Gate fandom for the very reasons I just highlighted.  I am just applying a bit of a break on the souped-up enthusiasm and calling attention to the fact that it's a sugar-rush for fun, not anything striking meaningful social commentary or delivering sparkling wit and dialogue or really focusing on the characters or advancing the running plot threads of the show.  And, to be blunt, the premise for the plot seems like a cheap excuse to screw around and have fun.  They must have pitched the race and the news commentary and the fun ads and such and gotten the green light rather than pitching a brilliant plot.  That's just isn't feature fodder and there are inherent limits on how excited I can get over such things.

And...I must say...the interpersonal rivalries between the competitors were...just AWFUL.  Way over the top and not in a funny way.  It just seemed...bush league.  Part of it might have been the mediocre guest actors...but I think the bigger problem was that they just dropped us into the middle of the story without any reason to give a flying crap about the people involved.  This would be an example of how NOT to do a show about someone other than your main characters.  The NEXT episode, on the other hand...well that will be an example of a well-used guest-character.

Writing: 7.5

I'll give them credit for stretching a bit beyond their normal method of storytelling, but a script like this has a cap score of 7.55 because the characters aren't important (which is uninteresting to me) and the plot is a little on the pointless side.

Acting: 5.5

Nothing stand-out or horrid with the acting...just professional caliber par from the regulars and some shaky performances from the guests.

Message: 6.0


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