Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Classics: SG1 7:14 - Fallout

Overall Rating: 6.0

This isn't a bad episode, but the last appearance of Jonas Quinn was colored by the same problems as all of the previous appearances of Jonas Quinn - the character never evolved and is, therefore, not that interesting to watch.

Plot Synopsis:

Here is a simple description of the episode, courtesy of the Stargate Wiki.

The Skinny:

The Langaran political dialogue is a huge step less interesting and more petty than anything we'll see in, for example, "Death Knell" or already saw in the clip show "Disclosure."  These people just aren't written believably - their planet is going to blow up, as Jack puts it (the whole DAMN planet!) and they are worried about who gets the blame for it, and not how many they can save?  It's ludicrous.  The plot on Langara is, shall we say, ordinary.  The romance doesn't work because we pretty much immediately are handed the knowledge that Kianna is a Goa'uld and because Corin Nemec is dressed and his hair is styled like he should be marching in NYC with a rainbow colored ribbon, not dating a woman.  Hey, Jonas...if you want to be gay...be gay.  Just don't gross me out by kissing a girl while dressing like you want to kiss Daniel. LOL  And the standard sci fi plot's one twist...that the Goa'uld is a selfish bastard who, perhaps has some actual emotion, rather than being a slave...that should have been a much greater focus of the episode, but what time they gave it didn't really impact me emotionally.

I just don't have all that much to say about this one other than that...so...yeah.  It can't have been that good or that bad.  Oh, one other thing.  The fact that Ba'al was trying to contact the Goa'uld in Kianna?  Never really addressed.  We know that she never told Ba'al about the Naquadah/Nequadria situation, but that doesn't mean he won't come looking for his operative and to do his own investigation.  The next scene after Jonas goes through the gate should have been Jonas getting killed by a ribbon device after being tortured for information.  WTF?

Writing: 6.0

Minor bonus points for some of Jack's lines (which were genuinely enjoyable, but only because he was playing opposite the special bus from planet dumbass)...otherwise...a major plot hole lingers that kills the supposedly happy ending.  All leading to a par script.

Acting: 6.0

Nemec has been good in other roles, but as Jonas Quinn, he really doesn't do much for me.  The rest of the cast, other than RDA, who is never dull, is rather flat this week.

Message: 6.0

The Goa'uld who isn't 100% evil (only 99%) would have been interesting if she'd actually sacrificed herself ON SCREEN and in a way that actually resonated.  Instead it was just kind of there.

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