Saturday, June 2, 2012

Classics: SG1 7:9 - Avenger 2.0

Overall Rating: 8.2

While this episode lacks the gut-busting hilarity of "The Other Guys," the return of Jay Felger is still highly enjoyable for science fiction fanboys like me. :)

Plot Synopsis:

The Stargate Wiki comes to our rescue as usual.

The Skinny:

Felger, you awesomely pathetic little dork, you are SO meant for your fans. :)  I say it in the nicest possible way, guys, so no getting annoyed at me, but - Gate fans are nerds.  I'm one of 'em, I should know.  The show's writers not only seem to think it's important to remember their audience and throw them a free Marty Stu every once in a while, but they seem to LOVE their nerdy fans.  We get meta episodes to make fun of their universe, episodes entirely dedicated to glorifying the socially awkward nerdy folks who would, in reality, make the Stargate program work, and a huge taste of humility from the military personnel in the face of brilliance and good intentions.  Even O'Neill - who frequently completes about the geeks he has to work with and says some harsh things in this episode - is seen to make peace with the nerd when he gets it right.  The goofy sex dreams and the incredibly nerdy apartment and the bad aftershave and the inability to tie a's all awesome. :)  BTW, his lab tech was HOT!

It's fluff...and I don't want to talk on and on about fluff, but it's FUN fluff, and that counts for a lot, as far as I'm concerned.  Mainly, I like that the frequently unattainable-seeming Sam comes down off that statuary pedestal and goes to bat for our Marty Stu, defending his abilities despite not very much appreciating his constant tendency to break down under pressure.  That will just make the whole audience like her even better than they already do, after all, many of us wish someone like her would have defended us when we were under fire for our social imperfections.

Writing: 8.5

For fluff, this grooves along nicely and has many of the features we've come to love in our Gate episodes.

Acting: 8.0

Patrick McKenna does a great job with his role as Felger.  The rest are effective, but nothing really stands out...other than, perhaps, Don S. Davis.  For a teddy bear like him to play pissed off so well was almost scary!

Message: 8.0

Rather than reacting to social awkwardness with exclusion and opprobrium, if we actually tried a little harder to reach out and teach and support these folks, we might find out that many of them are good people and capable allies.

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