Friday, July 6, 2012

Classics: BtVS 7:6 - Him

Overall Rating: 7.0

Well that was different...or was that...the same.

Plot Synopsis:

See also: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered - that plot synopsis is the same as this plot synopsis.  Though admittedly this version was pretty funny in its own way.

The Skinny:

The style of delivery was notably different, since it began as focused on Dawn and definitely took on a 1970s romantic comedy vibe with the multiple panes and the music from Shaft and 50s doowap and the zany plots hatched by the girls to compete for RJ's affections.  But the basic idea - love spell makes the girls act nutty over a guy who just isn't worth it, the behavior gets crazier and crazier until they find a way to reverse the spell, and the final message - no love interest is worth your life (or should change who you are) - still applies. I don't usually repeat myself, so that's all I have to say about this one.  It was funny but the first version was better, it had a nice point, but one that has already been made, and the style was different, but certainly that shouldn't be enough to offset the obvious repetition.

Writing: 6.0

Recycled plot - minus 2.  Classic comedy-of-errors musical score and dramatic presentation, +2 for effort.

Acting: 8.0

SMG didn't sell her supposed love for RJ nearly as well as Trachtenberg.  I didn't see a ton of room for calling people out as particularly awesome, but we managed to avoid any gaffes.

Message: 7.0

Last time, this message got a better score...but scores drop the more often you repeat the same fable.

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