Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Classics: SG1 8:3 - Lockdown

Overall Rating: 6.4


Plot Synopsis:

Synopsis here.

The Skinny:

Standard procedural mystery involving the invulnerable Anubis taking human hostages and engineering more and more complicated schemes to get access to the gate.  The ending is satisfying and there is one nice bit of humor involving Daniel learning that Jack had shot him (with some good acting attached to the moment), but otherwise, we're talking about standard fare for Gate - the only reason you need to see it is to find out what happened to Anubis.  My one complaint is plot related - namely, why would sending Anubis to an icy planet do anything to stop him - couldn't he just dial another world after uncovering the DHD?  They needed to establish that the planet had no DHD.

Writing: 6.3

Par.  Sorry...not much else to say other than +0.3 for the one humorous moment.

Acting: 6.9

+1.0 for the guest star playing Alexei Vaselov (Gavin Hood, who I think did a solid job) and for the lone excellent reaction take offered by Michael Shanks and -0.1 for the over the top take by RDA at the end..."Stand.  Aside."  Yes sir, Mr. Vulcan, sir.

Message; 6.0


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