Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classics: SG1 8:7 - Affinity

Overall Rating: 6.7

Bonus half point to an average (albeit secretly enjoyable) episode just for their choice of background music during the teaser.  While Teal'c bloodies bullies to defend a nice young man, the lyrics pipe across, "Who's the man?!  Uh huh.  Who's the man?!"  Damned straight!

Plot Synopsis:

It's a "Trust" episode...those usually aren't that interesting.  But this one does have a few enjoyable moments mixed in with the cheesy romance and the long slow stretches of spy vs. spy stuff.  See the details here.

The Skinny:

You know what isn't very interesting?  Long, slow montages of Teal'c and various neighborhood chums doing Jaffa karate.  You know what's even less fun to watch?  Delving into the back story of a girl we've never met and will never see again only to have it go nowhere new and exciting and completely lacking in action sequences that would make such unrelated nonsense worthwhile.  Don't get me wrong...the girl they choose to be Teal'c's ingenue does have some chemistry with Chris Judge and is not a bad actress...but they didn't do anything truly original with her character...so I fail to see why I should really get invested.  On the other hand, Teal'c kicking the crap out of assholes just because he has no tolerance for bad manners?  Sign me up!  I wihs they'd done more with Teal'c interacting with his neighbors other than the girl so that I'd feel a bit sadder for him when he was forced to move back to the base.  I don't have a ton of new things to say about this one...sorry about that.  It's there...it's not too bad to watch...it settles for very low ambition.  It's skippable if you're on a short time budget.

Writing: 6.0

Meh...not bad, not great.

Acting: 8.0

Actually, I liked Erica Durance in this one (Vista - Teal'c's love interest), and Chris Judge did what he could with the role...so it's not all bad.

Message: 6.0

Is the message good guys never prosper?  Is it some people just don't fit in and shouldn't try?  I don't think that's what they were going for...but Teal'c having to turn tail and hide again for no good reason other than that he's different - and more moral than most of his neighbors?  Doesn't strike me as a terribly positive thing to say.

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