Sunday, August 5, 2012

Classics: SGA 1:5 - Childhood's End

I had a nice lengthy review and the Blogger decided to eat*** you Blogger...I'm not writing the review over again.

Overall Rating: 6.8

A decent idea for a moral dilemma that gets wasted when the writer finds the "Voyager Escape Clause" to avoid answering that moral dilemma.  As a result it lacked emotional resonance.

Writing: 5.5

Lazy conflict resolution + good character work for McKay but lacking in memorable dialogue otherwise.  Very Voyager-writer-esque...and that's not a compliment.

Acting: 8.0

Any life this episode does have comes from good acting by David Hewlett...the rest is distinctly bland.

Message: 7.0

Good try...I'll give them credit for at least coming down firmly against ritualized suicide and population control...albeit they did so in an unrealistically "easy" way.

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