Saturday, October 19, 2013

Meta! More Meta!

While my co-author is working on the human wave review project, she and I have discussed a series of other topics that can be discussed here to wet your whistles!  This blog struggled for a while because, to be frank, the single-episode review format was difficult to make entertaining.  How many times can you call attention to same cliches, tropes, and scientific mistakes in a mediocre Star Trek episode before the exercise loses its magic?  How many times can you congratulate the writers when their ideas flower into something wonderful?  I can watch great moments like Picard's defense of Data's personhood or Kira's proclamation that being a Cardassian is not reason enough to kill over and over again...but there are simply no words to truly express how such things make me feel.

I have a couple of ideas I intend to pursue, the first of which I'm announcing today.

Rather than complaining about the problems I find with the underlying philosophical issues I am constantly finding in each individual Trek episode, I think the better approach is to explore the Trek tropes and cliches that appear regularly enough to get my attention (and draw my ire, from time to time).

I'm calling this series:

Trek Tropes - The Troubling Themes of Science Fiction in Our Time

The aim is simple - discuss the recurring themes of Star Trek and other science fiction series that...well...that bug me. :)

So that'll be moving forward in tandem with my co-author's human wave review project.  We're hoping you'll stick around for coffee and discussion in between literary panels!

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