Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog Mission Statement

Last Updated on May 6, 2011

Both of this blog's primary contributors have spent a lifetime enjoying science fiction. We believe that the genre, while tragically under-appreciated in most critical circles, offers a great deal of potential for imagination, for grand storytelling and for self reflection and analysis of the human condition. We share this in common with millions of others from around the globe, yet we often feel "left out" in popular fandom thanks to our differing political and philosophical basis for viewing and interpreting what we see and read. We know other sci-fi fans out there who might appreciate a more balanced and less politically correct view of our field - as such...

Our Mission

Like sci fi, but don't like the brand of politics that seems to dominate sci fi fandom? Have we got a blog for you! Here at Right Fans, we seek to engage the sci fi genre on our own terms. Whether we are revisiting old fandoms or assessing new ones, we will leave behind political correctness and open the door to conservative - and yes, sometimes even Christian-friendly - perspectives.

New Media Fandoms

If a new sci-fi series catches our fancy, we will review it here until it is canceled (or it reaches its natural conclusion). Last year, we reviewed Flashforward, V, and Stargate: Universe. This year, we continued to follow V and Stargate: Universe.

Media Fandoms Revisited

Our contributors will also be reviewing older series. Stargate: SG-1 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine were the first fandoms selected, and many others followed, including Farscape, Babylon 5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly (summer of 2010), Early Edition (until the end of the second season), and Star Trek: The Next Generation. (We'll probably get to all the Treks eventually.)

Literary Reviews:

Although this is chiefly a media blog, Stephanie S. also loves books and will periodically post reviews of things she reads that are genre-relevant. First, she's particularly fond of juvenile and young adult science fiction and fantasy, so she will be reviewing many books of that nature. Second, she also likes to read sci-fi and fantasy books which sport the Baen imprint, so from time to time, she will be posting capsule reviews of those works. Third, she will occasionally raid our father's shelf for classic sci-fi with a conservative or libertarian bent. Fourth, she will sometimes review sci-fi and fantasy works written by openly Christian authors. And lastly, throughout the summer of 2011, she plans to review one Hugo Award-winning novel or novella a week. Whew!

And more...

While this is primarily a sci-fi blog, we do have other interests, and's our blog, and we'll post if we want to! From time to time we'll comment on shows, literature and events under the banner of "Excuse the Interruption" - Fox's "House" is among the first examples of this, but there will probably be others - all from a conservative-friendly angle.

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