Saturday, January 29, 2011

Classics: SG1 4:20 - Entity

Overall Rating: 5.0

Please do not terminate. My brain. With anymore boring episodes like this one.

Plot Synopsis:

Find the scintillating details here.

The Skinny:

I think Stargate has done this story before..."we stumble in not knowing that we're unwittingly killing some aliens and they assume we're hostile and attack...we then have to save the day by talking to them and convincing them we meant no harm." I know it was played out way back when Star TREK did it in TNG's first season episode which I now call "Ugly Script of Mostly Filler." (let's see how many of my readers get that veiled reference)

The fact is, a real military base encountering this problem would do exactly what O'Neill wanted to do and blow the MALP to high heaven. And the result would be no worse (probably better since Carter was not at risk under that plan), nor would we have learned anything important. So we spent 30 minutes talking to an alien race we pissed off and the final solution is...we trick it out of Carter by threatening genocide...and um...then we kill the entity. Wow. What exactly were we supposed to learn from this as viewers?

I think the writers started with what they thought would be a cool idea (alien computer intelligence steals Carter's body) and then wrote circles around themselves trying to find a way to make it into a plot we would care about...O'Neill shoots Carter twice with the zat, for example, but that only means something if she actually we just have Carter defying Stargate's own laws of physics (two shots kill, damn it!) and I feel used. Thanks, Peter me a favor and stick to comedy, OK?

Writing: 2.0


Acting: 7.0

Nothing wrong with the acting here...RDA does a good job in the "pull the plug" scene and the battles with the entity that preceded that.

Message: 6.0

Key safety tip...invading energy beings are tricksy...if you get a chance to blow one should probably do it.

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