Thursday, September 22, 2011

Classics: DS9 6:12 - Who Mourns for Morn

Overall Rating: 6.3

An amusing episode, but hardly one you'll regret missing - the characterization and humor works...but only enough to make you smirk a few times in an otherwise tangential plot.

Plot Synopsis:

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The Skinny:

There's nothing wrong with the occasional diversion, but it doesn't seem like this episode made much of an effort to have a point.  Morn sets up Quark - his supposed best buddy - to be a lightning rod to attract a bunch of criminals out for blood and latinum and the plan works perfectly...and Quark is just fine with all of this as long as he gets 10% of the take?  I dunno...I know Quark is greedy, but that seems a bit much...he also got into bar tending because he's a people person and sentimental at heart (as we see numerous times throughout the run of the show).  Fluff that has no point at all can be enjoyable, but it certainly can't be noteworthy.

The episode also chokes udner the weight of some really ludicrous attempts at comedy involving the twins and Larell.  Don't get me wrong...some of the humor works (especially between Quark and Odo), but how many times can we trot out the old "Quark is easy to manipulate when he gets oomox" schtick and call it funny...and how many times can the "crooks are idiots" slapstick work, too.  There are whole scenes that take five minutes and do enough plot moving to fill one minute.  Of course this is happening because the plot is about good for 15 minutes of show.  Big heist happened twenty years ago...statue of limitations has run out...bunch of people try to get their hands on it...Quark is caught in the middle...he orchestrates a shootout to get rid of the competition and walks away with 10% of the cut when Morn comes back.  This is an episode that desperately needed a good B plot and didn't get one.

But other than that major was ismply...there.

Writing: 6.0

The humor is, at best, uneven.  There are some chuckles - I especially loved Odo following Quark all over the station as he discovered just how little Morn left him and rubbing it in the whole way.  But on the whole, it's just goofy and frivolous.

Acting: 7.0

Armin Shimerman, for his part, earns the episode an extra point here for his acting chops.

Message: 6.0

No messages need apply.

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