Friday, September 23, 2011

Upcoming Genre-Related Premieres

The New Season for Science Fiction & Fantasy

Hmm. Is there anything on that list you'd like to see, SABR Matt?

Personally, I'm a little tired of all the urban fantasy/paranormal stuff. I know it's big right now, but jeez! My kingdom for a decent space opera!


  1. Yeah, I might give Terra Nova and the fairy-tale based shows a chance. And I hear that Merlin is great fun -- like the SG1 of Arthurian legend shows. :)

  2. Merlin is very good...I watch Merlin regularly and find that it's getting progressively less and less cornball and more and more intelligent and character-driven as it goes along...I think this was always their intent...but it does still possess good humor between Merlin and Arthur.

    Dr. Who is still cranking along really well too...they rarely have a bad episode anymore since they're concentrating their storytelling to 13 eps per season.

    I watched Terra Nova last night...thought the characters were formulaic and some of the instant attractions difficult to believe given the extremity of their situation...but the plot was interesting enough to keep me watching next week...not sure if it's blog-worthy's getting an extended tryout first.