Monday, September 19, 2011

Classics: SG1 6:11 - Prometheus

Overall Rating: 6.0

A distinctly average SG-1 episode meriting a distinctly average rating.

Pot Synopsis:

The Stargate Wiki has the details here.  Lot sof action, little in the way of meaning.

The Skinny:

Normally, I would treat 6:11/6:12 as a two-part episode with one rating, but the two parts have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with each other and are linked by an artificial (and annoying) cliffhanger that has no relevance to the stories in either piece.  I get that the 11th episode is the midway point and there is often a brief hiatus of a month or so between the halves, so they like to have a two-parter here, but this is really...really weak sauce, guys.  Don't do a two-part episode unless you intend for it to be a two-hour story.

There's nothing wrong with the first story except that it feels utterly adrift in a sea of idea spaghetti.  They were throwing ideas out there at the pitch session for the mid-season scripts and someone said "we should have them succeed in building an interstellar craft and have some adventure on it! and someone else said "that would be a good chance to have the NID cause trouble again.  And those two lines became this plot.  Unfortauntely, all it was was a plot.  It fills 45 minutes of screentime and we don't give a crap about any of the new characters or their's all very generic, very stale action.

I mean really...what do we have here...the NID tricks some rogue terrorists into thinking there's a weapons cache to be hijacked so that it can gain control of the new ship...but oh of them is the Goa'uld Adrian Conrad who jumps bodies at one point to confuse everyone and there's some cool sounding technobabble about hyperdrive engine coils and sublight engine control systems and at one point Jonas is threatened with the death of the innocent journalists if he doesn't help them commandeer the ship!  Doesn't this all sound like typical Stargate hubub to you?  it would be worth more than a 6.0 if this whole plot had any meaning at all in the grand scheme of things...but it doesn't.  Like most NID episodes, they are thinking too small-time and they are (a little too easily) thwarted by SG-1.  If a rogue agency is going to pose a real threat to Earth security, they need to be scarily powerful.  These guys...they remind me of Al Quaeda, post Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The best they can do is plant a few car bombs.  OOOOOOOHHH...scary!

*sigh*  I'm so over the NID...can we do soemthing interesting please?

Writing: 6.0

They should call this episode "6:11 - An Average Gate Episode"

Acting: 6.0

Boring technobabble-filled plot and nothing approaching good drama.

Message: 6.0


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