Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NEW!: The Walking Dead 2:4 - Cherokee Rose

Overall Rating: 6.3

There are few amusing and/or nice moments offset by some completely gratuitous sex and a generally low-key atmosphere that lacks the X-factor that makes this show so addictive.

Plot Synopsis:

Wikipedia has the summary (here) as usual, albeit briefly.

The Skinny:

I hope we see more gallows humor, because it is sorely needed in such dire situations as these.  After their spectacularly idiotic plan to use a person as live bait to get a rope around a walker nearly kills Glen, their reaction to the walker falling apart like a rotten log was absolutely hysterical.  "Good thing we didn't do anything shoot it."  I laughed myself sore over that one - good on you, T-Dog.  I also couldn't help buy chuckle at Glen's immature "hello, farmer's daughter!" remark.  Their decision to have that farmer's daughter thoughtlessly provoke gratuitous sex would normally raise my ire, but I have a strong suspicion that something really bad is about to come of that and Glen will learn a valuable lesson - as, hopefully, will Maggie.  I do feel the need to question whether there are really that many women out there whose first though at the end of the world would be "you know...let's have some meaningless sex...that'll make me feel less glum."  Perhaps these days there are, I don't know. :\  But I don't think we're going to learn how wonderful of an idea that was. :)

As for Rick and Lori...well you have to wonder just what in the hell Lori was thinking having unprotected sex with her husband (whom she knows is fertile given their successful production of Carl) if she is going to be devastated by getting pregnant in this climate...but perhaps she wasn't would be understandable.  I'm sure that will get developed further as well...if they do a "moral courage to abort the unwanted pregnancy the hard way" story, I will dump this show and never come back...but here's hoping they don't make that mistake.

The rest of the episode is without any particular flare or interest...Hershel's desire to look after his own and only his own is understandable, and it does seem a little prickish for Rick to appeal to Hershel as a Christian right after he just got done trashing the man for having faith even in this mess...but the appeal is nonetheless correct and Hershel should remember the words of Jesus here.  I don't think staying is their best move...they're unprotected and out in the open from all sides..they need to get high ground or get to the water and sail to a lightly populated island.  But I do understand his desire to find any kind of safe haven...and so should Hershel if he's truly a faithful man.  Hell, Daryl acted like more of a Christian this week than Hershel...his scene with Carol was genuinely beautiful, revealing that, for all you might not like about Daryl, he is more complex than a simple red neck without any depth of thought or moral compass.

Writing: 5.5

The dialogue is fine, but not thrilling, and the plot feels slapped together this time.  Lots of little things that I'm sure will be important later, but we're way short on plot movement for now.

Acting: 8.0

Daryl was fabulous again...he's been better than many of the other regulars for a few weeks now.  Glen was cutely overall solid performance but nothing to write home about.

Message: 5.5

This one is largely message free...I will ding it for just half a point for the silly random sex bit because I expect something will come of that later.

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