Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pardon the Interruption: House 8:5 - The Confession

Overall: 6.0

Sigh. This episode doesn't feature much that's worthy of comment.

Plot Synopsis:

FOX.com has a recap here.

The Skinny:

The writers better pull something amazing out of their hats soon. At the moment, it feels like all the life has been bled out of this series. The humor is just not as chuckle-worthy, and the medicine is not as interesting (and according to the medical blogger at Polite Dissent, it's also getting sloppier).

If you'll permit me to echo my co-author's complaints in previous reviews: The most frustrating thing about this season so far is the fact that House doesn't seem to have been altered by the events of the past year. Given how he reacted to being dumped last season, I refuse to believe that House has already come to terms with the fact that he's conclusively driven Cuddy away. And what of the hints dropped by Twenty Vicodin? When are we going to learn more about House's missing year -- about his journey from the beach to jail? What, are they saving that for the sweeps or something? Folks, the writers can't afford to put things off. This may be the very last season of the series, and as such, they need to focus on going out with a bang -- not on penning a bunch of mediocre filler episodes.

Writing: 5.0

'Tis another boring script.

Acting: 7.0

Again, there's nothing really wrong with the acting, but the writing certainly doesn't offer any opportunities to shine.

Message: 6.0

What is this "message" of which you speak?

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  1. I actually thought a couple of the humorous moments were genuinely funny...but I would agree that this is the end of the franchise...and it died in a way that makes it exceedingluy frustrating...I went through emotional hell hoping to come to some poignent new understand about human nature and instead we get House evidently deciding that his misery is a fine price to pay for his gift and being stable again? After all of that??