Saturday, January 28, 2012

Classics: SG1 7:2 - Homecoming

Overall Rating: 5.3

Pretty standard action fare, with a lot of hand-waving to explain the cast change, the fortunate sequence of events that get our heroes and Kelowna out of danger, etc.

Plot Synopsis:

The full details can be found here, courtesy of the Stargate Wiki.

The Skinny:

I have about five unanswered questions regarding the plot in this episode - it seems very slapped together and very little of it makes sense.
  1. If Nequadria were ever a viable power source, wouldn't the Goa'uld who invented it have risen to power among the System Lords?  And if I'm smart enough to ask that question...why wasn't Anubis?
  2. Why would the Andari and the Tiranians know anything about Jonas Quinn other than what they saw at the Kelownan gate room...and why would what they saw convince them that Jonas needed to be their Goa'uld instructor?  What's so special about his Goa'uld experience relative to what every Kelownan experienced during this siege.
  3. Why would Yew's first prime throw Teal'c in a holding cell one day...then slightly later agree with Teal'c that Yew has gone nutters and needs help from another System Lord to kill Anubis?  Nothing changed in the intervening hours to explain this change of heart.
  4. Here's the biggest plot hole of them all...why would Baal's forces destroy Anubis' ship and not see his escape pod?  And further...why would they actually honor their deal with the Shol'va Teal'c and leave Langara alone?  This is Baal we're talking about...he loves screwing us over for his amusement.
  5. And finally...did they really have to make so much soup off the Daniel's memory is slightly off oyster for bad jokes only to have him just be like "oh I remember everything now including tiny details from right before I died!" at the end?
With so many plot holes and hand-waving moments throughout the episode and the action filled with so many "wow, that was convenient" moments that it strained credibility...I just can't get enthused.  Especially when there wasn't any real character development and the action plot wasn't all that interesting.  All in ordinary episode turned into a subpar episode by sloppy writing and made to feel awkward and not all that relatable.

Writing: 4.0

This is sloppy even by mid-season SG-1 action plot standards.

Acting: 6.0

Pretty much all of the principle players were playing this episode a little too cool for my taste...everything was verrrry mellow.

Message: 6.0

There is no message, only Zool.

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