Sunday, January 29, 2012

NEW!: Merlin 4:4 - Aithusa

Overall: 6.0

This one's a bit formulaic, truth be told -- although the last scene is sweet.

Plot Synopsis:

The Merlin Wiki has a summary here.

The Skinny:

Merlin does something rash because he believes it will help a magical being, earning a scolding from Gaius. Merlin and Arthur then go on a quest to undo the damage. Like I said, this is standard fare for Merlin. The building blocks for this episode have been used in many other episodes -- and unfortunately, they've often been used more creatively before now. I've seen far more compelling quests -- and Merlin has, in the past, suffered much stiffer penalties for his adolescent impulsivity and over-confidence. Indeed, just last week, we saw a grand plan of Merlin's backfire in the most spectacular way possible. And now we're moving on without really focusing on the repercussions? Seems odd to me -- like this episode has been tragically misplaced.

But hey -- the birth of Aithusa does manage to recapture some of the "sense of wonder" that is missing in the rest of the episode. Consequently, I wouldn't call this outing a total loss.

Writing: 5.0

Sadly, this script is pretty boring. I feel like it should've been harder for Merlin to reach the dragon egg.

Acting: 7.0

The performances are also strictly average. Nothing stands out.

Message: 6.0


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